Oh shit… revisited

I think more happened in the past 36 hours than I’ve been able to process yet.

Bike ride, buddy home from the navy, Adventures, Minneapolis, Beer, and a Speeding ticket… That’s how my Saturday played out.

The bike ride was nice. First real ride on Annabelle, I loaded the bike in my parents truck and headed into town to pick up my paycheck and run some errands. I had this grand plan that I would mail my rent, deposit my check, and maybe treat myself to some beef jerky or a coffee somewhere a long the route… unfortunately it was 2pm on a Saturday so everything was closed… except for Target. So I bought a new pair of cheep sunglasses and some beef jerky… All in all it turned out to be a 6.6mile loop around town.

living the dream

After I got home from my ride my buddy Peter came over. Haven’t seen him in a couple months since he left for the Navy. We headed to Minneapolis to pick up our other compatriot John to go see a 7,000 pound iron pour at the Franconia Sculpture Park.

Once we finally got to Franconia and found the site that was getting ready to melt an pour iron we discovered that they probably wouldn’t be pouring for some time and that we were cooking in the sun and quite hungry. So we went back to Minneapolis for burgers and beer at the Bulldog.

"That IS a tasty burger"

On the way back to my car I saw this little guy hanging around the backside of the Ginger Hop

He was hoping for a free drink

From there we headed back to Johns where he showed me Starcraft 2 and I realized that my return to video games could drastically alter my productivity and social life if I wasn’t careful.

Eventually we headed to Burrito Loco in Dinky Town and proceeded to kill 3 pitchers of Grainbelt NordEast and a pitcher of wings. I’ll do a more in depth review of NordEast once I get my hands on a six pack or two and have the time to figure out why it’s so damn delicious.

On the way home at 1:30am Peter and I were driving on the detour around Hwy.19 in Northfield when I saw this in my mirror

oh shit

Apparently I wasn’t paying attention to how fast I was going… 74 in a 55mph zone. After passing a field sobriety and breathalyzer with flying colors the officer was kind enough to give me a ticket for 69mph and send us on our merry way.

While this definitely sucks and there are lots of other things I’d rather spend my money on, I’m ok with this. I’ve been habitually speeding for close to a decade and since this was the day for me to get a ticket I’m glad it happened when it did and not when I was driving 95mph in a 60 zone up around Franconia.

Lesson learned slow down… a little.

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After many hours of hard work and fiendish money savings I have finally bought my bike and brought her home. I mentioned earlier that her name is Annabelle, I’m debating between painting the name on myself or finding a pinstriper to do an awesome job for me… seeing that I’m broke now it will probably be a DIY job.

But damn she’s pretty

Getting her tuned up before bringing her home

This all means that I am home again after a week of printing up near the Canadian boarder… We made over 300 prints in 5 days, Pretty impressive.

Seriously this is what I get paid to do

On the way home we had to stop in Rollag again and pick up the 4’x8′ prints that we had made there on Sunday. While we were waiting for someone to unlock the building that was storing our trailer I got to snap a picture of this gigantic steam tractor…

A Minneapolis steam engine

Thats all for now, back to work in the morning.


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I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…


Thats what I experienced today. The ArtOrg crew drove 2 hours from Thief River Falls to Rollag (middle of nowhere Minnesota) to meet up with some cool old guys at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion site to make 4’x8′ prints with a real steam-powered steamroller.

Awesomely loud, heavy, printing machine!

It was a pretty chill day, we made about 8 prints using blocks from a previous ArtOrg project. I’ll get pictures of the prints from Dave later this week.

Alright I’ve been in the sun to long today, I’m fried and am going to bed early.

I love this hotel

See you tomorrow

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Theif River Falls

Had a great night at the hotel last night. Best hotel I’ve stayed in for work in a while.

Giant comfy pillows… SO NICE

So much better than the rock I slept on in St. Cloud with their wussy pillows

Here’s some pictures from the recent steam roller events

Today is the start of the 22nd day of steamroller printing up north.
One week of printing left and then I bring my bike home! Also ArtOrg will be starting the 5 sculpture project upon our return to Northfield.

Check out the ArtOrg website for more info

Here’s a link to our flickr as well

Alright it’s time to get off the couch at the hotel and get to work

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Oh shit…

I was reading a friends blog today and finally decided to start my own.

It is starting to sink in that the coming year will be my last (5th) year of college (about time).
This blog will be about pretty much anything… but mainly busting my ass in the glass and print studios getting ready for my senior show in the spring and riding my bike!

Above all else it will have lots of pictures, ’cause I like looking at pictures more than reading about other people and I’m sure you do to.

To get the pictures rolling here is an internet picture of my new bike.


She's so pretty... Her name is Annabelle

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