It’s been a while…

A busy winter trying to keep warm by spending long hours in the glass and print studios. So far I’m starting to go stir crazy from not being able to ride outside.

A false spring a few weeks back motivated me to pick up a new mountain bike. A sexy 2010 Gary Fisher Mamba my very first 29er. A friend of mine who owns Milltown Cycles, a bike shop near my parents home was trying to move the bike fast so it was the right price.

Literally the day after I bought it Minnesota and Wisconsin got hit by a two day snowstorm. So I only rode outside for a half an hour and am now banished to riding the hallways of my apartment building. Which by the way are not ideal for learning to manual the bike but I wont let that stop me.

I haven’t been able to ride enough to write a proper review but expect one once the snow melts. Pictures to come as well.

Keep warm



About Ben

Nearing a quarter of a century in age and almost done with college. I make art, I drink beer, and I ride my bike.
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