Oh shit…

I was reading a friends blog today and finally decided to start my own.

It is starting to sink in that the coming year will be my last (5th) year of college (about time).
This blog will be about pretty much anything… but mainly busting my ass in the glass and print studios getting ready for my senior show in the spring and riding my bike!

Above all else it will have lots of pictures, ’cause I like looking at pictures more than reading about other people and I’m sure you do to.

To get the pictures rolling here is an internet picture of my new bike.


She's so pretty... Her name is Annabelle


About Ben

Nearing a quarter of a century in age and almost done with college. I make art, I drink beer, and I ride my bike.
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One Response to Oh shit…

  1. Hey…
    Put some pictures of your work up pronto! What’s your style? I’ve just done a set of art exams in school and my final piece was conceptual, but that’s not my usual style. Liking your choice of bike name 🙂

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